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Opioids or narcotics are pain-relieving medications often prescribed for chronic pain. Opioids include oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and morphine. There are also illegal forms of opioids, including heroin. 

Opioids come from the opioid plant but may also be synthetic (human-made). Common reasons doctors prescribe opioids include surgery, injury, or cancer treatment. It is also common to prescribe opioids for chronic conditions like arthritis.

The chronic use of opioids can lead to an addiction. People often need to take more and more medication to manage pain. It is also not uncommon to become addicted to the feelings of euphoria opioid medication is known to provide. With time, the addiction must be treated or it can become fatal.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

How Prevalent is Opioid Addiction? 

Approximately 2.5 million Americans have an opioid addiction contributing to at least 28,000 overdoses annually. Opioid use not only leads to addiction but also dependence. Dependence is defined as the experience of withdrawal symptoms if the medication or substance is not taken.

It is important to know that more people die annually from opioid overdoses than any other drug. 

Misuse of opioid medication is also a great concern. Misuse is when too much of the drug is taken or if it is taken at times when not prescribed. It can also be where you take someone else’s medication or take it only for the feeling of getting high. The number of people misusing opioid medication is probably much higher than those admittedly addicted. 

Why Are Opioids So Addictive? 

Opioids are addictive because they trigger the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins not only help to control pain but also give a feeling of intense pleasure. 

Some people want the feeling of euphoria back once it wears off. The medication is taken again to get that feeling of well being. Eventually, it becomes an addictive cycle. Fortunately, with help from our Opiate Detox Center in Los Angeles, many people are successful in breaking the cycle of addiction and reclaiming their life. 

What Are The Physical Effects of Opioids On The Body?

Short-term physical effects of opioids can include slowed or even stopped breathing, nausea, vomiting, and constipation. Longer-term physical effects may include heart infections (through IV drug use), chronic respiratory concerns, and muscle pain. 

The physical effects of opioid withdrawal can often mimic the flu. It is not uncommon to have physical ailments, nausea, shaking, sweats, and other symptoms that can feel very miserable for the person experiencing withdrawal. It is not unusual to seek more medication to relieve yourself of the side effects. 

The experience and dangers of withdrawal are often why opioid addiction treatment in Los Angeles is necessary. Patients can safely come off opioids with comfort and under the care of health care providers. 

What Are The Effects of Opioids On Behavior? 

Initially, opioids provide a feeling of euphoria, but with time, it leads to negative effects on behavior and mental health. Some of these effects can include:

  • Mood swings
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Decreased motivation

Who Is At Risk For Opioid Addiction? 

Certain factors may put one at risk for opioid addiction. Those addicted will benefit the most from our Opiate Detox Center in Los Angeles to break the addiction cycle. Some of these risk factors include: 

  • Previous history of substance abuse
  • Mental health concerns
  • Social and familial influences or codependency
  • Younger or middle-aged

How Might You Know If You Have An Opioid Addiction? 

Of course, if you experience physical, behavioral, or withdrawal symptoms, you may need opioid addiction treatment in Los Angeles. 

A critical sign you are addicted to opioid addiction is the inability to stop the medication or if you use it more than prescribed. 

Any symptom or sign of overdose requires immediate medical attention. Narcan is a life-saving medication that can be administered to save the life of anyone experiencing an opioid overdose. If you or a loved one is addicted to opioids, it is important to have a prescription for Narcan available if possible. 

How Do Doctors Diagnose An Opioid Addiction? 

Your provider will regularly evaluate you for opioid addiction if they are prescribing you the medication. They may ask about opiate use, side effects, and taking medicine properly (how much and how often). 

Mental health and other social aspects of your life may be discussed to see if opiate use affects functioning in any area. Impaired areas can include career, social engagements, and even legal trouble. 

During a physical exam, your doctor may evaluate side effects. Vital signs will give an indicator if you may be experiencing withdrawal as well as the exam. 

Often opioid addiction is diagnosed through an open and honest discussion about your use and its impact on your life. To be treated effectively, you need to be willing to share your concerns about opioid addiction. 

What Is Available For Opioid Addiction Treatment in Tarzana & Los Angeles? 

Like all forms of addiction, opioid addiction includes physical, mental, and social factors. The user’s environment and family dynamics also play a crucial role. Because of its complex nature, commitment to treatment on the part of the patient is very important to a successful recovery.

At our Opioid Treatment Center in Tarzana, we help and guide our patients on their road to sobriety. Our supportive environment and effective therapy modalities aim to address these factors to help our patients regain their health and life back.

Therapy Modalities may include: 

Motivational incentives (MI)

Also known as contingency management (CM), MI is a form of positive reinforcement or a prize-based system that works by rewarding patients with incentives when they abstain from using opioids and other drugs. This therapy can help patients achieve initial abstinence and adhere to treatment.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

In CBT, the patients master skills that will help them abstain from using opioids. This form of behavioral therapy is effective in preventing relapse.

Patients learn how to recognize situations that will tempt them to use opioids, how to avoid these situations, and how to cope with cocaine-associated problems.

Therapeutic communities (TCs)

Being in an environment that supports what you want to achieve is the key to recover from any form of substance abuse. 

Our doctors may combine these therapies, which are all available in our facility, with other treatments they think will be beneficial to your recovery.

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How is Opiate Detox Center in Tarzana & Los Angeles Different? 

Patients who have opioid addiction need all the support they could get to recover from their condition. Although recovery is undoubtedly challenging, it is not impossible. All you need is the right environment, expert medical care, and unwavering commitment to the treatment process.

Our Opioid Treatment Center in Tarzana, Los Angeles is a physician-owned and operated inpatient detox facility. We have a team of experienced and trained medical staff who will help, support, and guide patients in completing their treatment regimen and detoxification process.

Medical detoxification is an inpatient procedure, and patients must be supervised by physicians and monitored for withdrawal symptoms. The process is quite uncomfortable and may even be life-threatening. We make sure that patients are safe and as comfortable as possible during their stay in our Tarzana Residential Treatment Center. 

Each patient’s condition is unique, so our doctors work with their patients to create an individualized treatment regimen based on the results of their assessments and laboratory findings. Once the patient consents to the therapy, the treatment plan will be carried out during their stay in our facility.

After discharge, we still communicate with our patients to see how well they are adapting to a sober and healthy life. We always offer guidance and follow-up care, should they need it, to prevent relapse.

Start Your Journey To Recover From Opioid Addiction at Our Opiate Detox Center in Los Angeles 

As one of the few facilities in the United States owned and operated by a licensed doctor, you are assured of high-quality experience and evidence-based treatment from some of the country’s best experts in the field.

Our opioid addiction treatment center is located in one of Los Angeles’ most prominent neighborhoods. Innovate Recovery is a 4,500 square foot building built and designed with exceptional beauty and lush landscapes. We have a pool, gym, screening room, and other amenities to provide our clients with a resort-like experience that is comfortable, clean, pleasant, and conducive to SUD treatment.

Our other services include:

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