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Drug & alcohol residential rehab in L.A. County

We have helped hundreds of clients achieve sobriety. Make a decision to begin your path to sobriety today and we will support you every step of the way. 


As a physician-owned and operated rehab facility, Innovate Recovery and Rehab Center places an emphasis on providing the HIGHEST QUALITY, EVIDENCE-BASED treatment for all our clients. 

Recovery is just a phone call away. Contact us to take the first step.

We Are Licensed & Certified by the State of California, accept most major insurances, and offer a comfortable, luxurious setting for your recovery.

Insurance may cover most, if not all treatment associated with your unique programming at Innovate Recovery & Rehab Center.

Contact our addiction team now (888) 577-0550 to find out how much your insurance will cover.

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At Innovate Recovery, our care for you does not end at discharge from our facility. We continue to maintain contact with our Clients, providing them with guidance and mentorship to allow continued success with their life in Sobriety.​

How We Help:

We offer a luxurious Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program to help you deal with the heart of your addiction. You will learn coping skills to overcome cravings and learn to live a sober life.

Innovate Recovery and Rehab Center provides the highest quality of patient care and treatment program that every client and SUD patient deserves. We conduct a thorough, comprehensive assessment process to fully identify and provide the client’s actual needs. 

Get control over your addiction!

Our Tarzana rehab center always goes beyond what’s required of most treatment facilities by providing aftercare programs to guide our clients every step of the way. Our responsibility does not end with your discharge; we are with you in the lifelong process of recovery and sobriety.    

At Innovate Recovery, our trained and fully licensed team manages drug and alcohol addiction using specific treatment programs, such as psychoeducation, individual and group therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step recovery meetings, and more. 

Recovery is just a phone call away. Contact us to take the first step.

Life Changes for The Better at Innovate Recovery

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