Addiction, Relationships & Codependency

If your loved one shows symptoms of a substance use disorder, your relationship is likely affected by this in various ways. This may include the physical, emotional, and financial aspects of your relationship, and you may find yourself interacting with them codependently. Codependency refers to a pattern of actions where you may try to help someone manage their addiction struggles but may also enable them to keep using substances. 

It can also be defined as doing more than is expected while the other person does less than expected, and as a result of these behaviors, you may no longer care about your well-being. Suffering from codependency may lead to neglecting your own needs, and focusing on someone else’s needs instead, such as a child, spouse, sibling, or another loved one. Codependent behaviors may include: 

  • Paying for damages to property done while under the influence of substances or alcohol 
  • Making excuses for your loved ones to protect them from the consequences of their addiction 
  • Doing their household and other responsibilities for them 

Ending Codependency 

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone struggling with their addiction and have been covering up for them and have been trying to control their use, it may take an emotional toll on you. Codependency starts from a place of love and care, but it's important to recognize that doing your loved one a favor by helping them avoid the consequences of their behavior will instead reinforce their substance use. If you want to stop codependency, you may try a few things, even if they seem difficult to do, such as: 

  • Allow your loved one to handle the things they’re responsible for 
  • Let them face the consequences of their substance abuse 
  • Let them know that you’re concerned and that their substance abuse should be taken seriously 
  • Don’t feel guilty for their substance abuse and recognize its a problem for them to solve 
  • Make it a priority to care for yourself first 
  • Suggest for your loved one to get a treatment 

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