Cigna for Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment

The looming financial cost of healthcare discourages patients from seeking treatment for their substance abuse disorder. Many people with addiction problems forgo rehabilitation for fear of becoming a financial burden to their families. But that should not be the case.

In partnership with Cigna, we at Innovate Recovery can provide you with the medical and financial help you need through Cigna’s healthcare insurance plan. Learn more about its benefits and how Cigna’s drug rehab programs work.

Does the Cigna drug rehab program cover my addiction treatment?

Yes. Cigna is one of the few globally known insurance companies to provide affordable healthcare for basic needs, such as substance abuse disorder treatment. Cigna can fully or partially cover the treatment expenses of its members, especially if they seek treatment in approved Cigna drug rehab centers. 

What is Cigna’s drug rehab coverage?

Cigna coverages may differ depending on your specific plan, type of treatment program, and type of facility. But generally, your insurance provider may help you pay for the costs of the following recovery services:

  • Drug detoxification
  • Alcohol and drug rehabilitation
  • Partial hospitalization for substance abuse
  • Anti-craving medication management
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Counseling and mental health services
  • Continuing care programs

Your chosen rehab facility will tell you what programs and services are fit for your individual needs. You can then contact Cigna to see your eligibility and assess how much of the services they can cover.  

cigna for drug rehab and addiction

Should you choose an in-network facility or an out-of-network?

Choosing to seek treatment in an in-network Cigna drug rehab allows you to reap perks that can help reduce the cost of care. Cigna can cover more of your treatment costs and provide price discounts if you choose an in-network facility. 

Your coverage in an out-of-network facility will still depend on the type of Cigna plan you have. Some policies may cover just a tad of your expenses, while others may leave you with the entire bill. 

What is the length of Cigna drug rehab coverage?

Will Cigna cover your entire rehabilitation stay? Well, it really depends on your insurance plan and the type of addiction treatment you need. Most rehabs offer 30,60, and 90-day substance abuse disorder treatment programs. Some policies provide more coverage for residential programs, while others may only offer a specific number of days for other levels of care.

Fortunately, most members can expect huge coverage if they choose a partner or in-network facility, like our Tarzana treatment center & detox, Innovate Recovery and Rehab Center.

Where to find Cigna drug rehab centers in Los Angeles?

Innovate Recovery is one of the leading facilities offering rehab in San Fernando Valley. Our Los Angeles addiction treatment facility employs the best team of healthcare professionals that can help you progress on the road to recovery. Some of the programs we offer include:

Contact us now to learn more about the programs that you may avail on a discounted price as a Cigna member. 


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