Drug Facts - Opioids with Dr. Julio Meza

Innovate Recovery's Medical Director, Dr. Julio Meza, was featured in the Podcast "Trapped: Understanding Addiction," in a segment titled Drug Facts - Opioids with Dr. Julio Meza.

From the Podcast:

Dr. Meza will give us an overview of where opioids come from, how they affect the brain and body, and how they rank in terms of potency and addiction potential. He will also explain the difference between dependence and addiction and review current and future strategies for the treatment and prevention of opioid use disorders.

Dr. Meza was born and raised in El Salvador and graduated Cum Laude from Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador. After medical school, he came to the U.S. to complete his education in family and addiction medicine. Dr. Meza enjoys working with patients from all backgrounds and provides non-judgmental, compassionate care.

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