Gray Death - New Dangerous Opioid Mix

The product with the street name “gray death” or “grey” death is an illicit opioid combination of potent drugs that have led to several fatal overdoses in the United States.

It is a synthetic, designer drug said to be more dangerous than heroin. The ingredients can vary from one batch to another, which make it even more unpredictable and dangerous.  A “typical” batch can contain heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, U-47700 (pink) and include other unidentified drugs.

Why Gray Death is dangerous

Gray death is highly addictive. It appears in the form of a chalky-like substance in loose powder or “chunk” form.  It can be consumed by injection, smoking, snorting, or oral ingestion.

The harmful substances in gray death can make it so toxic,  according to some reports, that they warn that the mere touching or inhaling of the drug can be lethal.

Gray death is sought out for its ability to create intense euphoria. Because of the addictive nature of gray death, those using it are very likely to experience craving and withdrawal if they taper and/or discontinue use.

Commonly reported effects, in addition to euphoria include:
  • shallow breathing,
  • dizziness,
  • constricted pupils,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • lethargy,
  • nausea/vomiting,
  • pinpoint pupils,
  • cold/clammy skin,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • heart failure,
  • overdose/fatal overdose.

According to research reports, initial treatment often includes Narcan, usually administered in multiple doses. Research data also indicate that if there are non-opioid drugs in the grey death “mixture,” Narcan (naloxone) will be of limited effect.

Of course, ultimately a combination of various psychological, psychosocial, and biologic treatment interventions are necessary in order to effectively address gray death addiction.

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