Loved One in Treatment? Here’s How You Can Help

Joining a treatment program is a major step to recovery for your loved one. It can motivate your family member or friend to overcome substance use disorder (SUD), which can harm his or her personal life and your family life.

Licensed therapists in a rehabilitation center can guide someone close to you in his or her journey to healing. Nevertheless, your practical and emotional support is also essential to the patient’s recuperation as he or she tries to overcome dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Continue reading to discover how you can help your loved one who is undergoing treatment at a rehab facility.

3 Ways To Help Your Loved One Who Joined a Treatment Program

1. Increase Your Awareness

Self-education is the key to understanding what your friend or relative is going through. Increase your knowledge of the various aspects of SUD. Find out how dependence on alcohol or drugs can affect the physical and mental health of the patient.

Learn about the withdrawal symptoms that your loved one may potentially experience. After all, proper withdrawal management is vital as he or she attempts to minimize his or her intake of the substance under professional supervision. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes withdrawal management as the medical and psychological care of patients who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

2. Participate in Family Therapy

Your family member will likely undergo behavioral therapy which is facilitated by a licensed counselor. While the patient will attend individual therapy sessions, he or she also has the option to undergo family therapy. Your full cooperation and active participation are vital to the success of family therapy.

According to The Family Journal, family therapy has the potential to boost family resilience, enhance the family structure, and establish strong relationships. It has the potential to improve the family-solving skills and coping skills of the patient.

3. Show Support in Practical Ways

There are practical ways to express your support to your loved one as he or she goes through the different stages of the treatment program. Visit your buddy or relative during the appropriate visiting hours if he or she is temporarily residing at the rehab center for the duration of the treatment. Volunteer to run errands, perform household chores, or take care of pets in case he or she is an inpatient.

Drive your friend or family member to the facility for sessions if he or she is an outpatient. Treat the patient to dinner or to a movie to celebrate milestones in the healing process.

Start Helping Your Loved One Who Is Undergoing a Treatment Program

Take active steps to show your loved one that he or she is not alone in the recovery journey. Provide your relative or buddy with assistance and encouragement while he or she is undergoing treatment.

If the person close to you is still looking for a treatment program, reach out to Innovate Recovery & Rehab Center in Tarzana, Los Angeles. Our licensed therapists and expert staff can provide professional guidance to your family member or friend as they seek freedom from drug or alcohol dependence. Contact us today so your loved one can get started on the road to recovery.

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