Truman Hedding
Truman Hedding
19:23 14 Jan 22
This is NOT your typical rehab - it's more like a home away from home in a private, beautiful home that happens to also have a clinical team that can help you build the sober life you deserve. By the time you leave Innovate Recovery you'll inherit a new family of people who genuinely care for you.
Jake Pesanti
Jake Pesanti
03:25 23 Sep 21
The very best there is! I’ve been to rehabilitation centers and detoxes before but Innovate Recovery tops the list with no challenge whatsoever. The staff and facilities are some of the kindest, intuitive, and all around loving and caring people I have met in my life. The house itself if stunning with all the comforts of home you could ever wish for, with top of the line cooks and maids which make the place just that much more spectacular. Even if you’re not into recovery I would still rather stay here than any other home or hotel I’ve ever stayed at. They hear your thoughts and are always looking to improve the home for the patients as well as the work environment itself. Just being there was extremely therapeutic for me. All the staff are beyond kind and understanding to each individual situation each patient faces.There is no other place that can come close to it in my opinion. The people of Innovate Recovery I’ll consider family for the rest of my life.
Brittany Mangrum
Brittany Mangrum
02:42 09 Mar 21
I was in desperation to find a place to take my boyfriend who needed to detox ASAP. I spoke to many places but this place went above and beyond to help me, even if it wasn’t taking him to this facility. I finally pulled the trigger and took my boyfriend and they were so helpful and reassuring. Unfortunately, my boyfriend was difficult and going back and forth with being cooperative. Ali tried so hard to get him to stay and agree to treatment but sadly it didn’t work. We were there for 3 hours and they could have charged me for the drs time but they issued me a full refund. I would highly recommend this place to assist with any addiction issues.
alejandra vidrio
alejandra vidrio
18:17 01 Oct 20
I have worked at many treatment centers before but Innovate Recovery is by far the best place I have worked. The staff are well trained, the facility is beautiful, and the treatment of one's stay is personalized with careful thought. This place is a great stepping stone to building a solid foundation for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
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 by Christopher S.

Innovate recovery helped me get my life back on track! The counselors and staff became like family to me and helped me value myself and my Sobriety in ways I hadn't before! They were flexible and able to work with me and my schedule and kept open lines of communication, not like some places I've tried, where it seems like your just a faceless number. Group sizes were comfortable and kept my social anxiety at comfortable levels and allowed me to open up and share as I never have before. The office is cozy and welcoming and not sterile or institutional like most others. I was able to address my mental health, my treatment and my Recovery all in one place with the help of caring staff. They transported me daily from their beautiful sober living I was scholar-shipped into and the Manager there even took us to Outside meetings! Can't say enough about how grateful I am to INNOVATE

 by Matt O.

Wow can I just live there... My story is I've probably been to every facility in Malibu to OC..I've was always able to put a couple of days to months together off alcohol but never benzodiazepines..

This time I feel completely different for once in my life I see that light at the end .I have hope that this is the time for me.. not only am I'm free from alcohol but will be off Benzos for the first time ever in my life after 28 years of this chemical owning my life dictating and stealing what was god given to me..

So many beautiful days and opportunities that I lost but no more
Thanks to Innovate Recovery Im slowly getting my life back.I feel anything is possible now..

I can't thank Innovate Recovery enough from the owners that come and sit with each client and ask them how can they make Innovate Recovery better or what can they do to help you reach sobriety

I've never had that experience anywhere not at passages Malibu not at Cliffside .What incredible people that make up the staff there..

I felt like I was in good hands from the moment I arrived and The Dr came into see me at 7am personally .I can't say enough praises about the Dr there.. So many Drs tell you what they are going to do and how they are going to treat you .but Dr Meza was different he listen to my input and worked with me to get sober.

Just wanted to thank the staff they are more of a extended family then staff just beautiful caring people.. Thank you for your patience and kindness...Thank you for caring for me ..

I would recommend Innovate Recovery to anyone that is considering getting sober where other places did not work Innovate Recovery did for me.. I hope you find what I found at Innovate Recovery ..What a special place...

 by Zoe Nocol

Thank you Cainan for giving me a tour of Innovate Recovery & Rehab Center what an absolutely wonderful program you have. So great getting a chance to talk with you and your team about the importance of ethical and effective client care. I can't wait to have you over to see Multi Concept Recovery!

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