The Symptoms of Substance Use Disorders

If you have a friend or family member who lives with an addiction, it’s only natural to think of how you can help. While it may not always be easy, providing your loved ones with the help they need to fight their addiction will give them a better chance of overcoming it. In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about drug and alcohol abuse, how codependency may affect relationships, and where to find help to combat addiction. 

To confirm if your loved one has a substance use disorder, look for the following symptoms: 

  • The excessive use of a substance than what was prescribed or intended 
  • Trying to cut back or stop using substances but failing to do so
  • There is interpersonal conflict as a result of their use of a substance 
  • The continuous use of a substance, even if it causes emotional or physical problems 
  • Experiencing a craving to use a substance 
  • Their use of a substance results in being unable to fulfill their responsibilities at home, work, or school 
  • They spend too much time looking for substances and using them 
  • They continue to use substances during high-risk situations such as swimming and driving 
  • They develop a tolerance to the substance, making them want it more and more to keep getting the effect they want from it 
  • They have given up on things that they once loved to do such as their hobbies to keep using the substances 
  • If they stop using certain substances, they will experience withdrawal or physical symptoms 

Get Help With Substance Abuse Disorder

If you feel that you are in any danger or are in an abusive relationship as a result of the substance abuse, don’t wait and call us now. Our admissions navigators are available to discuss treatment options 24/7. Give us a call today at (888) 842-3348 to get started on your loved one’s SUD treatment, or visit our website. 

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