Understanding Your Substance Abuse Treatment Options

The word substance refers to illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, and other items that aren’t considered to be drugs. Substance abuse refers to a person’s pattern of use when it comes to any kind of substance to change someone’s mood with adverse consequences. 

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), addiction is a chronic condition and known as an individual’s need to use drugs daily. In this blog post, we discuss the treatment options available to you or your loved ones. 

Available Treatment Options 

The first step in treating substance abuse is accepting that there is a dependence on substances. A person addicted to drugs will then need to find a treatment program that will help to restore their well-being, health, and happiness. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available for those struggling with substance abuse; however, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

It won’t be easy to recover from addiction and will take huge amounts of self-discipline and willpower to achieve real sobriety that will last. But it’s important to let users know that they are never alone on their journey. 

Rehab will allow them to connect with others and build relationships with those who are going through the same thing that they are. Moreover, friends, family, and other loved ones will also have their best interests at heart. 

Kinds of Substance Abuse Treatments 

Depending on how severe the patient’s addiction is, various levels of care can be provided to help towards long-term recovery. Here are just a few kinds of rehab or therapy programs: 

Inpatient or Residential Rehab 

This refers to live-in solutions and rehab programs where the patient will get supervised treatment along with structured care plans to help overcome substance abuse. Depending on the program, a patient may need a licensed professional to supervise them daily. Inpatient programs can also last between a few weeks to many months that can also involve outpatient rehab afterward. 

Outpatient Rehab 

An outpatient program allows users to receive treatment and attend therapy on their own time since they don’t need to live within the facility. These treatments can occur inside a community health clinic, substance abuse treatment center, at a hospital-affiliated clinic, or other facilities where they need to attend regularly. There are also outpatient programs that offer nightly and weekend programs. 

As such, outpatient rehabs are a favorite among those who have family, personal, or professional responsibilities which prevents them from coming to inpatient rehab. 


A detox program is medically managed, designed to help stabilize the patient and overcome withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drugs. A detoxification program can last anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. Once the patient is stable, the patient can then move on to an inpatient program. 

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The first step towards long-term recovery is choosing the right facility that will support your continued sobriety. Innovate Recovery is the best substance abuse treatment center for quality care and patient safety. If you or someone you know needs help, be sure to contact Innovate Recovery today at (855) 995-3949. 

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