What Factors Make a Couple Susceptible to Addiction?

All couples have the potential to be addicted to alcohol and drugs if they are not careful about their habits. After all, addiction is not based on the social status, financial situation, or professional abilities of the partners, but on their mutual and personal choice to use and abuse illicit substances.

Nevertheless, there are common factors that make certain couples particularly susceptible to addiction:

  • History of drug use in the families of one or both of the partners
  • Poverty of the family and the community the couple belongs to
  • Absence of proper parental supervision while one or both partners were growing up
  • Availability of drugs among the social circle of the couple
  • Inability by the partners to resist peer pressure
  • Curiosity about drugs that can lead to experimentation

Although these factors can increase a couple’s vulnerability to drug addiction, take note that there is no single factor that makes it certain that partners will definitely become dependent on substances. At the end of the day, it is still the decision of a couple to use drugs and alcohol or not.

Recover From Addiction as a Couple

If you and your partner are struggling with addiction issues, there is hope for you. Innovate Recovery and Rehab Center can provide you with the individual rehab treatments and couples therapy that you both need to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Our expert team is ready to lead you on the road to recovery in a professional yet compassionate way.

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