What Is the Best Treatment Option for Addicted Couples?

The best treatment option for each couple will depend on their unique situation and needs.

Individual Treatment

Individual rehabilitation is a viable alternative for certain couples who may not benefit from attending rehab together, such as:

  • Codependent couples
  • Partners in an abusive relationship
  • Couples where one of the partners has special treatment requirements
  • Couples where only one partner is willing to undergo treatment

Couples Treatment

In general, couples rehab treatment is the ideal option for most couples, with the exception of the cases previously mentioned. Rehab treatment for couples is typically a fusion of individual treatment and couples therapy.

This combination gives partners the opportunity to undergo therapy simultaneously. It allows them to receive the individual treatment they need for personal issues, yet at the same time, to deal with their issues as a couple.

On one hand, recovery from addiction is an individual process that each person needs to go through. The stages of withdrawal and detoxification must be experienced on a personal level. While each partner may have addiction problems, the root causes of their addiction may vary. Aside from this, the partners may not always be in sync in terms of progress. They need individual treatments so that the partner who is recovering quickly will not feel limited, while the partner who is progressing slowly will not feel frustrated.

On the other hand, the healing journey of couples is intertwined with each other. Although they may not achieve sobriety at the exact same time, they can still encourage each other by being part of each other’s healing process. Couples therapy can help them to identify and resolve the areas of their joint addiction which has a mutual effect on both partners.

Recover From Addiction as a Couple at Innovate Recovery and Rehab Center

If you and your partner are struggling with addiction issues, there is hope for you. Innovate Recovery and Rehab Center can provide you with the individual rehab treatments and couples therapy that you both need to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Our expert team is ready to lead you on the road to recovery in a professional yet compassionate way.

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