Why an Addicted Couple May Use and Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

There are several reasons why a couple may start to use and become addicted to drugs and alcohol:

1. Comfort

Partners who struggle with stress and worries because of their mutual problems and individual issues may turn to illicit substances for comfort. These issues can include mental illness, job stress, and family strife. Alcohol and drugs may provide temporary relief from the symptoms of depression and anxiety that result from these stressors. 

2. Pleasure

A couple can consume drugs or alcohol to seek pleasure and excitement, whether together or separately. The type of substances they prefer to use will depend on the type of psychological effects they want to experience. 

3. Social Pressure

Social pressure can play a role in the decision of a couple to abuse substances. While teenagers are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure, adults are not immune to being influenced by their friends to try drugs, especially if they belong to a social circle where drug use is prevalent.

4. Improve Performance

Partners may choose to take stimulants to enhance their concentration and boost their performance in the workplace. They may also use drugs to increase their skills and abilities in sports and competitive recreational activities. 

Recover From Addiction as a Couple at Innovate Recovery & Rehab Center

If you and your partner are struggling with addiction issues, there is hope for you. Innovate Recovery and Rehab Center can provide you with the individual rehab treatments and couples therapy that you both need to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Our expert team is ready to lead you on the road to recovery in a professional yet compassionate way.

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