Why “Family” Involvement in Treatment Program Is a Must

“It takes a village.” Since a book with this phrase was published several years ago it has become a popular phrase.  

One of the common interpretations of the phrase is that for most human beings, if not all of us, it ideally takes many people who care about us and our well-being to take a collective hand in supporting and guiding us through life’s trials and tribulations.

At Innovate Recovery, it is our passionate and fervent belief that program patients can reap invaluable benefits from the involvement of family and friends in their treatment program.

In our progressive and changing society, we embrace an inclusive definition of family. Some patients may not have the good fortune of having family members who are willing and able to participate in family therapy and therapeutic milieu visits. And that is ok. At our residential addiction treatment in Tarzana, we work with the patient to identify significant friends in their life who are available to attend sessions and provide the love and caring essential for successful rehabilitation.

The importance of family support during addiction recovery

Once the patient is discharged from Innovate Recovery and if indicated complete a sober living program, they are on their own in maintaining their sobriety. Yes, they will have psychotherapy, Recovery groups, and fellowship with others in Recovery. And they will need  relationships with friends and family who have learned enough about recovery theory and practice to reinforce the patient’s substance-free lifestyle.

The staff at Innovate Recovery understand and appreciate that sometimes the patients’ friends and family members initially are reluctant to participate in family and visitation activities. There can be shame, anger, confusion, and embarrassment in regards to the patient’s addiction. It is normal and natural to have these thoughts and feelings.

At Innovate Recovery we are sensitive and understanding about these reactions and we are skillful in our ability to foster new heart-felt understanding and emotional connection between the patient and family members/friends. The patient is asked to dedicate themselves to a healthy transformation. Not only do they benefit from our treatment program but there are critical benefits for their loved ones too.

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